OPC Membership Drive

As mentioned in the latest Newsletter, the Botanica Board of Directors wishes to establish the Operations Committee (OPC). The purpose of this email is to solicit volunteer members for the OPC.

The OPC is an important advisory and working committee that will help the VPOPS oversee operational activities, manage Botanica’s Ten-Year Operations Plan and the Master Deficiency and Issue List as well as regularly inspect the complex.

The Ten-Year Operations Plan, to be revised at least once a year, will map out all the operational projects and recurring maintenance activities required to maintain the Botanica complex. The VPOPS and the Committee will monitor the plan and the list and make recommendations to the Board on how it should be updated and implemented.

If you enjoy planning and regularly inspecting and reporting on your surroundings, the OPC is for you. Ideally, but not necessary, you have email and know how to use Microsoft WORD and EXCEL OPC is also a great way to understand how Botanica works in preparation for your future participation on the Board of Directors.

The Terms of Reference of OPC are posted on the website under the Owners tab. You can find them here.

Send an email to vpoperations@botanicacondos.ca indicating the Unit you own and how you would like to participate. A member from each Midrise and one from the Townhouses would make a great Committee.