Committees Info

Landscape and Woodlands Management Committee

Landscape management has been a visible and major activity at Botanica, and we have counted on volunteers to carry out this important activity, which includes the management of the trees in the various planters in the Botanica and Summershade sites. More recently we identified a need for the management of our wooded areas as well, and Woodlands Management was added to managing our Landscape. The committee strives to maintain the upscale and “green” image of Botanica and thus to maintain the property value of Owners. It involves not only planning but also “getting your hands dirty” from time to time.
For those interested in gardening and horticulture, this is an ideal place to volunteer. To volunteer, send an email at

Reserve Fund Committee (RFC)

The RFC is an important committee that helps the VP Reserve Fund manage Botanica’s Reserve Fund. The Reserve Fund Plan, revised every three years, maps out all the major projects (asphalt, roofs, widowns, for instance) required to maintain Botanica’s complex. The Committee monitors the plan and the assets and makes recommendations to the Board on how it must be implemented. If you enjoy planning and asset management, the RFC is for you. You can read the RFC Terms of Reference here. Send an email to

Fitness Committee

This committee is small but dedicated to provide the best fitness experience for all ages and physical abilities. At Botanica, we believe that fitness is an intrinsic requirement for a healthy, independent life. People on the fitness committee make recommendations on new equipment, and seek various ways to improve and maintain the current fitness programs. If you’d like to get involved in improving fitness at Botanica, this committee may be for you. You can send an email to

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee includes the Newsletter editor, and the Web team. If you’re interested in writing or in helping to maintain our website, you can volunteer on this committee. Send an email to

The principle of volunteerism is that you give as much or as little as you can. There are plenty of small projects you can get involved in, without committing for the entire year, especially if you’re a Snowbird in winter.

However, if you do volunteer, here are a few things we expect:

  • Acting in good faith, for the good of all owners and not for your own agenda.
  • Exercising a degree of care, diligence and skill.
  • Respecting the confidentiality of information you come across.
  • Having a professional and respectful behavior towards others, especially those in the same committee as you.
  • Supporting the Director in charge of the Committee and his/her decisions.
  • Refraining from harassment of others or of staff.

We welcome everyone to our volunteer community, a dedicated group of owners who take their small community to heart.