Upper Deck Construction Update

Below is an update on the construction scheduled to finish the work on the expansion joint:

Construction teams are scheduled to return to Botanica on October 27, 2021 to begin work to remove the Centre Planter on the Upper Deck.

Fencing will be erected to demark the construction zone around the Centre Planter and secure the area.
Flagstaff and signage will also be set up to safely direct traffic around the construction site for the duration of the project.
A few weeks of work is planned to:

  1. remove the plants and earth contained in the centre planter, then the concrete walls;
  2. repair any water damage to the concrete slab below, and
  3. reinforce, as required, any damaged waterproof bitumen membrane before paving over the area.

The next step would be to pave over the opening left by the centre planter as well as the area over the new expansion joint.

A follow-up communique will be sent out later in November to advise owners of the specific timing and schedule to install this asphalt on the Courtyard Upper Deck.

Finally, the team will move the construction site to focus on the removal of the 257 planter and close in the opening left by the planter with the same pavers used in the adjacent sidewalk. This work is expected to cause minimal disruption to traffic on the Botanica Courtyard Upper Deck.