Botanica Community Vegetable Garden

Based on the success of the community herb garden and following a proposal from some residents, the Board recently approved a community vegetable garden as a one year pilot project. The planter is located in the parking lot between 255 and 257.

The initiative is being led by a group of volunteers and the spoils are available to all! Taking inspiration from other condo developments across Canada, we hope a community garden might bring a new source of enjoyment to owners.

The raised bed has been planted with cherry tomatoes and lettuce greens. Although the lettuce likely won’t be ready to harvest for another two weeks, all Botanica residents are invited to pick lettuce leaves for their dinner salads! The best way to harvest the leaves is to snip the outer leaves at the base of the plant. This will allow the plant to continue to produce fresh leaves. The cherry tomatoes are expected to be ready to pick by mid-July. As with any garden produce, please wash the lettuce leaves and tomatoes before consuming.